Summer Skincare

Read on for some tips to keep in mind when out and about in the summer sun!

Some tips to keep in mind when out and about in the summer sun!

1) Sunscreens don’t stay good forever! The formula deteriorates over time, and expires in around a year. Using outdated sunscreen won’t protect from harmful UV rays.

2) Basic application of sunscreen seems easy, but many people get it wrong. It takes about 1 once of lotion (enough to fill a shot glass) to cover your whole body (or about 15 to 20 seconds of spraying with spray lotions). Plus, don’t forget to reapply after swimming and every two hours.

3) If you do get a sunburn, treat by applying cooling aloe gel or moisturizer with Vitamin E. And don’t forget to drink lots of water to rehydrate the skin!

4) It’s important to remember that the beach isn’t the only place to be conscious of the sun– we can get even more sun damage just from walking around outside during our daily activities. Since remembering to apply sunscreen each day can be a chore, try using a make-up (liquid or powder foundation, even some bronzers) infused with SPF 15 or 20.

5) Our hair can also get damaged by UV rays, causing color to fade and ends to dry out. Try protecting your strands with a hair “sunscreen”- usually a spray– or just wear a hat for extra protection.

6) Lips can also dry out and get burned during sun exposure. Although it may be tempting, resist the urge to put gloss on– it may actually magnify the sun’s rays and thus raise your risk for damage and skin cancer. Instead, try a lip balm with SPF 20 or 30 before heading outside.

7) Beware of going out into the sun for prolonged periods when using certain prescription medications–several can make skin more sensitive to the sun’s rays. Check the bottle of your medicine or ask your physician.

8) Make sure you check any moles or other irregularities on your skin. See a dermatologist if a mole changes or develops asymmetrical borders and coloration.